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2018-12-03 The new catalog book
2018-04-13 2018 LUX led growlight catalogue
2017-11-21 Japan artificial intelligence plant plant or increase the yield of 10% and reduce labor time
2017-11-21 LED plant factory past, present and future
2017-11-21 Plant growth lamp UL certification and structural requirements
2017-11-20 Plant lighting is very hot, but do you really understand?
2017-11-20 Plant growth is spectrally selective
2017-11-20 A replacement LED lamp design
2017-11-15 Analyze LED color tolerance from international standards
2017-11-15 LED plant lighting: the role and characteristics of different wavelengths
2017-11-15 A New Method to Enhance the Transparent Conductivity of UV LEDs
2017-09-28 LED plant lighting technology to consider what factors are
2017-09-28 LED plant lighting applications
2017-08-16 The New LED Grow Lights
2017-08-16 Height and angle adjustment Grow Lights
2017-08-16 Plant growth fill light
2017-08-16 Plant growth fill light(Power adjustable, spectral ratio can be customized, light angle adjustable)
2016-06-20 Decryption bactericidal UVC LED technology
2016-06-20 Agricultural lighting, several core issues to be resolved
2016-06-20 LED enterprises to find new Blue Ocean?
2016-06-20 LED enterprises to find new Blue Ocean?
2016-06-20 Overseas LED lighting market
2016-06-15 Taiwan LED lamps to replace mercury lamp
2016-06-08 The new policy is closely linked with the LED industry in the first half of 2016
2016-06-08 EU farm ministers to visit the Philips LED Lighting factory plant
2016-04-08 Crown High bay light design patent
2016-04-07 Researchers have developed a new material to help better heat dissipation LED
2016-04-07 LED lighting market in the Middle East to flourish
2016-03-28 UV LED / IR LED into a star of the future
2016-03-03 2016 Aspect eight lighting industry
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